• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Kurt Beutling. First issue from August 1936. Beutling was a city inspector in Waldheim, Sachsen, and was called up by the Wehrpmacht a first time in January 1937. He was mobilised again in August 1939 for only two months, then called up again in November 1940. He was found unfit for front line service but served as a "Schreiber" (clerk) in the Panzer school in Krampnitz for almost four years.  
  • As the war came to an end and the front line ranks had to be filled up again, Beutling eventually ended up with the staff of Kampfgruppe Gruse, composed by men of the 11. Panzer-Division. This last-ditch unit was made up of PanzerspƤhwagen and other armoured vehicles - surely his vast experience in the Panzertruppenschule Krampnitz will have been but to some use! With Kampfgruppe Gruse, Beutling fought against the Americans mostly in Sachsen during April and May 1945, until the general surrender. Notice the nice release entry by the 11.PD and the 3rd US Army on page 48!  
  • The cover of the Wehrpass is in a battered condition, first and last pages are loose, but the Wehrpass is still a 100% complete. It comes with his Kennkarte from November 1945 - notice a rare late-war version was used!  

Wehrpass Kampfgruppe Gruse, Endkampf 11.Pz.Div.

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