• Wehrpass to Feldwebel Hermann Limburg. First issue from April 1936. Limburg was called up to serve as a Luftnachrichten soldier in November 1937 and was still in active service when the war broke out. During the first part of the war he continued to serve with Luftwaffe radio units, the most important being the Luftnachrichten-Regiment 3 "Legion Condor". In November 1942, he was transferred to the newly formed elite Wachregiment Hermann Göring in Berlin-Reinikendorf. There were quite a few HG units around, but the Wach-Bataillon was the one that actually served as Göring's personal guard!  
  • In 1943, Limburg followed the path of other Hermann Göring units including the Jäger-Regiment HG, the Grenadier-Regiment 2 HG, and last the Fallschirm-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 "Hermann Göring" reformed on Sicily in May 1943. There, Limburg found himself in the heat of the action following the Allied invasion of Operation Husky, and was finally killed on 12th of July 1943 near "Flugplatz St. Pietre". He is now buried in Motta St. Anastasia, Sicily.  
  • The Wehrpass is in an excellent and complete condition. It comes with three extras:
    - Hand signed letter of condoleance by Gauleiter Gustav Simon of Gau Moselland, who was also the head of the Civil Administration in Luxemburg. 
    - Promotion document to Feldwebel signed by Oberstleutnant Erich Spitzner of I./Ln.Rgt.3 "Legion Condor" in 1942. 
    - Document correcting the effective date of this promotion.

Hermann Göring Fallschirmjäger Wehrpass KIA Sicily 1943

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