• Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Hubert Gohle. First issue from September 1939. Gohle served as a Feldwebel for over four years with the Luftzeugamt (See) in Travemünde, before his career would take an exciting new path in August 1940. He was admitted to pilot school in Pütnitz, received his Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen in July 1941, and continued training as a Stuka pilot. He was sent to the southern sector of the Eastern front in August 1942, finally ended up with the Störkampfstaffel 1 of Luftflotte 4 in November 1942. There, he was thrown into the fierce fighting for Stalingrad. His awards would accumulate quickly in 1943: by March he had earned the EKII and the Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in Bronze, the Silber grade of the latter followed in May, the Gold grade in June 1943, combined with an EKI. The prestigious Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe was awarded to him in October 1943.  
  • Gohle's final and highest decoration followed in June 1944, with the awarding of the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold. By that time, he had been transferred to the Nachtschlachtgruppe 4, flying with the 2. Staffel from Litzmannstadt (Lodz, Poland).  
  • The Soldbuch is in a very good and complete condition. Some reinforcing of the cover and portrait with tape. Equipment entries include a summer uniform, 7.65 mm pistol, a private watch, and the Führerpaket. It comes with his Verpflichtungsschein from 1933, a postwar handwritten CV and, most importantly, his 1941 Flugzeugführerschein with another nice portrait photo.  

DKiG Soldbuch Stuka pilot, Stalingrad

  • Product Code: DT001