• Soldbuch to Steuermann-Obergefreiter Karl-Heinz Posehn. First issue from May 1943, when the by then only 17 year old entered the 14. Schiffsstammabteilung in Breda (Holland). Another Dutch related entry is the "Röntgenschirmbild" leaflet attached by the Marinelazarett Bergen op Zoom on page 21. After three months of training, Posehn was sent to the Hafenschutzflottille Cherbourg in Normandy. He served on boats also operating under the Hafenkommandant Granville. After an additional three month training in Cuxhaven, he returned to France with the 6. Vorposten-Flottille in January 1944. With this unit, he earned the Minensuchabzeichen on 28th of August 1944 - two of the Flottille's ships were lost that same month following the Allied invasion. 
  • Posehn ended up in the surrounded Festungs Saint-Nazaire. A very nice "Personalliste St. Nazaire" stamp assigns him the number 31284 of the Atlantikwall fortress. Other interesting entries made during this time are hospital stays with the Sanitäter of the 265. Infanterie-Division following an accident in November 1944, and another hospital stay in the Marinelazarett La Baule in January 1945. Security stamps were made by Genes.Komp.265 using stamps of Grenadier-Regiment 894, also part of the 265.ID. A last entry was made on the day of the German surrender, 8th of May 1945, when the Adjudant of the Flottille confirmed his promotion to Steuermann-Obergefreiter. Posehn must have surrendered that same day with the remains of the Festung.  
  • The cover is loose, but the Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages and a nice portrait photo.  

Festung Saint-Nazaire Soldbuch, Normandy, Holland

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