• Small award document and photo grouping to Obergefreiter Friedrich Drewke, who served with Stellungs-Beobachtungs-Abteilung 48 in the Leningrad area on the northern sector of the Eastern front in 1942/43. The grouping consists of:
    • Ostmedaille award document, signed by the Abteilungskommandeur Major Hofmann.  
    • KVK2 award document, signed by an unknown General der Infanterie.  
    • Eight portrait photos of Drewke, also showing his ribbon bar for the two awards. Includes photos taken in Gross Born, June 1944. The backsides have 100% provenance that the soldier is indeed Friedrich Drewke.  
  • Both documents are crinkly and have album remains on the back.  

Award documents Beobachtungs-Abteilung

  • Product Code: FT3100