• Wehrpass to Unteroffizier Hans-Otto Hamdorf. First issue from Februar 1939. Hamdorf concluded his RAD service in 1939, then volunteered for the Wehrmacht. He was trained as Melder and Kradmelder, and in February 1940 he ended up with his front line unit: Infanterie-Regiment 96, part of the 32. Infanterie-Division. Hamdorf fought his way through the Ardennes and France in 1940, leading to an early award of the EKII in June 1940. One year later, he followed his unit on the northern sector of the Eastern Front. After crossing Lithuania, he found himself in the notorious battles near Cholm and Demjansk, as can be seen in the lengthy battle list on page 32-33. Hamdorf was finally severely wounded in August 1942 in Demjansk, but earlier that year he has proven himself to be a real 'Kampfschwein': he earned the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen, the Ostmedaille, the VWA Schwarz and the Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse, and a promotion to Unteroffizier because of bravery in front of the enemy. This rarely encountered entry can be found on the promotions page 22: "Unteroffizier wegen Auszeichnung vor dem Feinde".  
  • Hamdorf took a very long time to recover from his back wound, but was finally sent back to his old regiment in July 1944. By then, the 32.ID was heaving a bad time following the Russian summer offensive in Latvia. In the very first weeks after his arrival, Hamdorf was wounded twice by shrapnel in August 1944, and eventually killed on 22nd of September 1944 west of Ergli, Latvia. He is not listed on the Volksbund grave database.  

EK1 Wehrpass, Cholm, Demjansk, bravery promotion

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