• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Hermann Friedrich. First issue from September 1939. Friedrich joined the Wehrmacht shortly before the start of the war - he was (still) a Kanonier by then. After training as an artillery man, he joined Artillerie-Regiment 230, newly formed in January 1940 as part of the 169. Infanterie-Division. This division was active in the Lorraine, and from the start of Operation Barbarossa in Finland. He also spent a lot of time in reserve units, most likely due to the consequences of an ankle fracture sustained in October 1939. It seems that he was even temporary released from service in 1941-'42, but was called back up again in 1943 to serve with Artillerie-Regiment 356, part of the newly erected 356. Infanterie-Division in France. 
  • The 356.ID stayed in the area of Toulon (southern France), until in October 1943 they were sent to the Italian Riviera for coastal guard duties in the area of Genova. Following the Allied landing in Anzio-Nettuno in January 1944, the 356. Infanterie-Division was rushed southwards to fight against the Anzio beachhead. After the Allied outbreak in June 1944 and the retreat northwards to Orvieto and later Rimini, Friedrich was awarded the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse in early July 1944. He was also awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz in August, probably after a minor wound, as there are no hospital entries for this time frame. Friedrich continued to fight with the division retreating through northern Italy towards Hungary, until in January 1945 he was again wounded, this time by shrapnell in the head. Most likely, he stayed in hospital until the end of the war. There are no further entries after his wound, but he is not listed as KIA.
  • The front cover is loose and has been denazified, but the Soldbuch is a 100% complete, with all pages and a portrait photo of Friedrich attached.  

Italy Soldbuch 356.ID, Anzio, WIA

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