• Wehrpass to Oberschirrmeister Herbert Strauch. First issue from August 1936. In October 1937, Strauch joined the 3./ Artillerie-Regiment 74 of the 2. Panzer-Division. He would stay with this same Batterie for over 5 years! Strauch mainly served as Schirrmeister (weapon specialist) and Fahrlehrer (driving instructor). The impressive battle calendar spread out over many pages mentions all the battles of the 2.Pz.Div. from the very first border fights in Poland to the French Campaign, the Balkan and Greece, and the Eastern Front. He was also a few months with the Panzerjäger-Abteilung 38 of the same 2.PD, and then for exactly one year (July 1943- July 1944) with Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 102 and later Panzer-Divisions-Nachschubtruppen 60, both part of the 9. Panzer-Division.  
  • In August 1944, Strauch finally "escaped" from the Eastern Front and joined the 716. Infanterie-Division in France; first with the divisional Verwaltungseinheiten, then with the Sanitäts-Kompanie 716. Arriving with the 716.ID only two weeks before the Allied invasion in Southern France, Strauch soon joined the retreat of the division from the southeast to northeastern France, fighting in the Vosges and Alsace, into the Schwarzwald. He was released from service and sent home late April 1945, just before the general surrender. During his eight years of service, he had been awarded the Schützenabzeichen I. Stufe, the Reichssportabzeichen, and the Austrian and Czech annexation medals.  
  • The Wehrpass cover has been repaired and is loose. The empty pages 25-28 have been removed. Else the Wehrpass is in good condition and packed with entries.  

Panzer-Artillerie Wehrpass, 716.ID France

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