• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Josef Blabobil. First issue from September 1939.  At that time serving with the Wiener Br├╝ckenwachkompanie, he had been awarded the Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille with Prague bar earlier. Blabobil mainly served as a railway pioneer throughout the war. In 1940, he was with the Eisenbahn-Bau-Kompanie 94; this unit was absorbed by the Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 5 in October 1941. He saw action on the Eastern Front and earned the Ostmedaille. Mid 1942, he moved to the Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 7, which was soon dissolved and had Blabobil ending up in the Eisenbahn-Pionier-Kompanie 51. This unit saw action on the Italian front. There, he injured his head during an allied bombing in May 1944. After his release from hospital, finally joined the reconnaissance unit of the 205. Infanterie-Division, the F├╝silier-Bataillon 205. With this unit, he saw action against the Russians in the Kurland pocket, until he was hospitalized with frostbite in March 1945.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a used condition, with pages loose from the cover, but it is a 100% complete with all pages present. Very nice and clear portrait photo taken in the field. Although the stamp does not show on the photo, the staple is very old and rusty and does appear to show Blabobil. He is wearing ribbons for the Ostmedaille and Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille with the Prague bar visible. There are also loops on his left breast pocket, most likely for the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, this award is not entered in the Soldbuch, but he most likely earned it after his bombing wound in May 1944 or his frostbite wound in 1945.  

Eisenbahnpionier Soldbuch, Italy, Kurland

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