• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Helmut Winkler. First issue started in October 1941. Winkler was trained as a Panzergrenadier. His first active unit was Panzergrenadier-Regiment 153, erected in November 1942 for the newly formed 386. Infanterie-Division, deployed in the West. There, it was renamed to Grenadier-Regiment (mot.) 29 of the 3. Infanterie-Division in March 1943. This division was being reestablished in southern France (Pyrenees) after it had been destroyed in Stalingrad. Soon after, he moved to Grenadier-Regiment 120, another regiment that was being reformed in southern France. 
  • Through Gren.Rgt.120, Winkler would eventually end up in the Grenadier-Regiment Feldherrnhalle, part of the newly formed Panzergrenadier-Division Feldherrnhalle in July 1943. In December of that year, the elite Feldherrnhalle division arrived on the Eastern Front and fought with the 3. Panzerarmee near Witebsk. Soon, Winkler was wounded by shrapnell in his left shoulder. He arrived in hospital on January 16th, 1944, and left after six weeks. He rejoined his unit for the battles of Narwa, Orscha and Mogliew. In July 1944, Winkler was again wounded by shrapnell during the weeks the division was completely destroyed in the battle for Minsk. It is unlikely he saw active combat again.  
  • The Soldbuch has the cover loose and pages 6-7 and 16-24 are missing. Priced accordingly for this Soldbuch to a rare unit!  

Feldherrnhalle Grenadier Soldbuch

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