• Soldbuch grouping to Obergefreiter Theodor Bergstaller. First issue Soldbuch from August 1939. Bergstaller then served with the newly erected Infanterie-Regiment 482. In June 1940, this regiment invaded France as part of the 262. Infanterie-Division, and saw action in the area of Bitsch (Bitche, France). Later, Bergstaller joined Infanterie-Regiment 332 of the 197. Infanterie-Division. With this unit, he saw action on the Eastern Front, fighting in Smolensk, Wjasma and Moscow until he was hospitalized with third degree frostbite in March 1942. He earned the Ostmedaille and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for this winter at the front. After his recovery late 1942, he joined Grenadier-Regiment 750, which was soon renamed to Jäger-Regiment 750 in April 1943. As part of the 118. Jäger-Division, he saw action against partisans in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.  
  • During his military service, Bergstaller suffered from multiple serious illnesses. He had an appendicitis in 1939, dysentery in 1941, and the frostbite in 1942. Eventually, he ended up in a backward unit, the Landesschützen-Bataillon 379. Late November 1944, he was again hospitalized with serious medical problems, this time TB in the lungs. Two weeks later, on December 12th, 1944 at 00.20 hours, he died of tuberculosis combined with meningitis in the Reserve-Lazarett 122 of Berlin - Tempelhof. He is buried in the cemetery of Berlin Neukölln, Lilienthalstrasse, Feld H, Reihe 3, Grab 21.  
  • Interestingly, half of the Erkennungsmarke was taken from Bergstaller's body in hospital, and has been attached to the Soldbuch since. The Soldbuch is in a used but complete condition with all pages present and fixed. It is filled with loads of entries, and many extra pages pasted in! Also included in the grouping are two Schiessliste, a permission to leave the barracks unarmed, and a Feldpost card.  

Jäger Soldbuch with KIA Dogtag, Anti-partisan, Berlin

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