• Extensive Soldbuch and document grouping to Gefreiter Helmut Mayer, who served as a late war fighter pilot in Jagdgeschwader 104.  
  • First issue Soldbuch started in April 1943, when this student from Linz (Austria) joined the Luftwaffe. His training units included the Flieger-Regiment 51 in Holland and the II./ Flieger-Regiment 90 in Normandy (Caen area). Mayer was allowed to pilot school in November 1943, first with a Flugzeugführerschule in Czechoslovakia (Chrudim, Pardubitz), training on Messerschmitt Bf 109 and other aircraft like the captured French Caudron C-445. In June 1944 he moved to Jagdgeschwader 104, where he would earn his Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen, and where he would serve until the end of the war. The Soldbuch is in very good condition and includes lots of specific pilot equipment, the pilot badge and a portrait photo. Signatures include that of Hauptmann Günther Rübell, a Knight's Cross winner with 47 victories in JG51.  
  • Luftwaffen-Flugzeugführerschein, complete with portrait photo and a very nice list of aircraft types he was allowed to fly: included are the Bf 109 and Bf 108, Caudron C-445, Arado Ar 96, and many more.  
  • Award document of the Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen, July 1944, with facsimili signature of Generaloberst Bruno Loerzer. Folded, not punched.  
  • NSFK Flugbuch, with pages loose but complete with portrait photo, Segelflieger-Prüfung B and 78 glider flights mostly in Frohnsdorf and Skutsch, 1941-'43. Also included are some more NSFK documents, like his Einberufungsbefehl and Ausbildungs-Laufkarte.  
  • Added to that are 0,5 kg of other documents, far too much to describe here but including his filled out Ahnenpass, POW discharge document, Hitlerjugend documents, Feldpost letters, postcards, photos and prewar, wartime and postwar correspondence. Undoubtly some more nice discoveries to be made in this pack of documents!   

Jagdflieger Soldbuch grouping

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