• Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Kurt Hergt. First issue from September 1939, by the Fliegerhorstkommandatur Nordhausen. The airfield of Nordhausen was the later location of the V2 rocket production facility and the concentration camp KZ Dora-Mittelbau. The opening of the Soldbuch was signed by Hauptmann Erich Hildebrandt as Erg√§nzungs-Offizier with Fliegerhorstkompanie Nordhausen. He ended the war as Oberstleutnant and Bataillonskommandeur in II/Ln.Rgt.10.  
  • The Soldbuch is in very good and complete condition, but has only minimal entries in 1939-'40; with the airfield of Nordhausen and the Flieger-Ausbildungs-Regiment 61 in Oschatz. Undoubtly, the Soldbuch was later replaced by a Zweitschrift. Hergt later made it to Oberleutnant in 1943, but was killed in action on 23rd of June 1944 near Witebsk.  

Fliegerhorst Nordhausen Soldbuch, KIA

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