• Soldbuch to Karl Griessler. Zweitschrift issue started in August 1942 - this date can be only shortly after Griessler entered military service. From an initial Panzer-Pionier training, he was moved to Jäger-Bataillon 6, active with the 330. Infanterie-Division on the central sector of the Eastern Front (Welish, Orscha). Griessler stayed with this unit until the division was destroyed late 1943. After spending several months in hospital due to an illness, he moved to an interesting unit: the Stabskompanie of the 'Winterkampfschule', also Jäger/Gebirgsjäger related. He ended the war with this unit.  
  • The Soldbuch is in excellent condition, with all pages and a portrait photo. Some nice equipment entries including Bergschuhe, Windjacke, Tarnnetz, ...  plus the Führergeschenk.  Also notice the Ski-Jäger reserve unit entry on page 4!  

Jäger Soldbuch - Winterkampfschule

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