Soldbuch grouping to Fahnenjunker-Feldwebel Bernhard Bräunecker, a building engineer from Nürnberg. With his education and background in construction companies, it is no surprise his knowledge was put to use for the Wehrmacht. Braunecker mostly served in technical units like the Technische Abteilung III (mot), a Heerestruppe supplying the front troops in the East with gas, electricity and water by taking over local plants. During his service, Bräunecker earned four awards: the Czech annexation medal, the Ostmedaille, the KVKII mit Schwertern and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. The latter was earned by a wound on 8th of February 1944, by shrapnel. In February 1945, he was hospitalised again with a shrapnel injury in the head . He had also been in hospital earlier with a broken foot in Lublin (Poland) and Metz (France). The grouping consists of:

  • Soldbuch, Zweitschrift issue from April 1942. Complete and in good condition. Notice the nice portrait photo and the leave granted to his bombed home in Nürnberg (page 24).  
  • Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz award document, issued in Reservelazarett Merzig (Saar), March 1944. Punched, not folded.  
  • KVKII award document, with rank declared as "Betriebsluftschutzleiter", with facsimile signature of General der Flakartillerie Fritz Heilingbrunner. Folded, not punched.  
  • POW Discharge document.  
  • Complete Third Reich Arbeitsbuch, with details on his engineering career.  
  • Single page from his postwar Reisepass, featuring 1950's portraits of Bräunecker and his wife.  

Engineer Soldbuch and award doc grouping

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