• Grouping of two letters sent by the Polish man Henryk Janowski from concentration camp KZ Dachau on 15th of December 1940 and 14th of June 1942. He resided in Block 12, and later in Block 13.  
  • Added to these is one "Einlieferungsschein" for 20 Reichsmark, sent from his family in Litzmannstadt to KZ Dachau in August 1942.  
  • Additional research in the Arolsen archives proves that Janowski was later transported to Auschwitz, where he was assigned prisoner number 151227 and where he died. Janowski went through the concentration camp system for a long time, as he had been arrested on the streets of Litzmannstadt in May 1940.  
  • Letters in very good condition, both with original "Postzensurstelle K.L. Dachau" stamp. "Einlieferungsschein" document in excellent condition.  

Concentration camp letters KZ Dachau - Auschwitz victim

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