• Letter sent by the Polish prisoner Bogdan Wolski from KZ Auschwitz on 23rd of March 1941. Included is the original matching envelope, addressed to his mother Jadwiga in Litzmannstadt.  
  • Wolski resided in Block 3 of Auschwitz I, which is known to have housed the penal company.  
  • Additional research in the Arolsen archives proves that Kowalski later died in KZ Neuengamme on 2nd of July 1942. His cause of death, which is of course in many cases far from the truth, as given by the camp administration was "Versagen von Herz und Kreislauf bei chron. Magen- und Darmkatharrh.". The research also includes a scan of Wolski's portrait photos taken in Auschwitz, provided by the Auschwitz Museum's Archive.   
  • Letter in very good condition, with original "Postzensurstelle K.L. Auschwitz" censor stamp. Envelope also in very good condition.  

Concentration camp letter KZ Auschwitz, Neuengamme victim

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