• Larger grouping of six letters and one envelope sent by the young Polish man Johann Jaworski from concentration camp KZ Dachau from 1941 to 1943. He spent many years in Dachau together with his brother Ludwig: Johann was assigned the prisoner number 11.656, Ludwig the next number 11.657. They first resided in Block 12, later in Block 18.  
  • Additional research in the Arolsen archives proves that Jaworski had been arrested on the streets of Litzmannstadt on 14th of May 1940 as an only 17 year old student, and first arrived at Dachau on 26th of May 1940. His final fate is unclear.  
  • All letters in good to very good condition, with original "Postzensurstelle K.L. Dachau" stamps. "Einlieferungsschein" document in excellent condition. The earliest one of July 1941 comes without the envelope. The second one of June 1942 has the matching envelope present. The four later letters (1942-'43) are all of the foldable type, and were addressed and stamped on the pre-printed addressee side.  

Concentration camp letters KZ Dachau

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