• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Ernst Wenzel. First issue from August 1941. The profession of the by then already 39 year old Dusseldorf resident was listed on page 2 as "Westwallarbeiter", worker on the Westwall defensive line. Considering his high age, he was deployed as security and occupation soldier; first with Landesschützen-Bataillon 451 in the area of Melun, France. The Bataillon was later moved to Evreux (December 1942), then to Chartres (February 1943), where it was absorbed by Sicherungs-Regiment 193. Wenzel ended up in the 13. Kompanie, designated as the regiment's heavy weapons company. It was deployed all over western France, with the Stab (presumably including the 13.Komp.) in Alençon, and the IV. Bataillon in Caen, Normandy.  
  • On D-Day + 2, 8th of June 1944, Wenzel's 13./Sich.Rgt.193 was given instructions to guard the POW camp with newly arriving American prisoners in Amigny, near Alençon. The Regiment was soon caught up in the Allied advance, shattered and almost completely destroyed in Normandy and other areas in France. The Soldbuch shows that Wenzel too did not escape from France. A last dated entry is his promotion on 27th of July 1944, while still with 13./Sich.Rgt.193, a last undated entry is probably his move to the staff of "West-Bataillon 305", also known as Westheer-Infanterie-Bataillon 305. This rather obscure unit is also confirmed in the undated security stamp on page 15. It was formed during the retreat through France and later deployed with the 49. Infanterie-Division, first defending Paris and then retreating towards Aachen. Wenzel, however, most likely didn't make it out of France and was captured earlier.  
  • Soldbuch in good and complete condition, except for the removed portrait photo.  

Normandy POW Soldbuch security soldier

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