• Belgian "Livret Militaire" or "Militair zakboekje" in Flemish, a Soldbuch/Wehrpass equivalent, to soldat Joseph Doppagne from Marche (Luxembourg province).  
  • Doppagne served in the 1920's with the 2e Régiment D'Aéronautique, the Belgian airforce regiment, operating from the airfield of Diest-Schaffen. He served as a mechanic, and received a good commendation from his superior.  
  • Complete with 76 pages, many entries from 1923 to 1939. Very good condition, though the cover is loose. Comes with an extra paper certifying his death in Tremelo (near Leuven) in 1978.  

Belgian Soldbuch equivalent pilot unit Diest-Schaffen

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