• Organisation Todt Dienstbuch to Obertruppführer Friedrich Furkel from Oberstenfeld near Ludwigsburg, a maried father of two who served with the OT in Norway. He served with the "Oberbauleitung Drontheim" in the Trondheim area from July 1941 until the German surrender in Norway, May 1945. The Dienstbuch has many interesting entries, including winter equipment (a.o. "Ski Mütze"), a watch, payments in Norwegian Kronen, a late oath swearing to the Führer in May 1945, POW time in Rinnan near Levanger, etc. It also has an eight page Soldbuch added to the back of the Dienstbuch, with some additional pay and leave entries.  
  • The Dienstbuch (+ Soldbuch) is well used, with loose pages but still a 100% complete including the portrait photo.  

Organisation Todt Dienstbuch & Soldbuch, Norway

  • Product Code: DX005