• Soldbuch to Matrosen-Obergefreiter Franz Franke. First issue from June 1941. Trained at the age of 19 by the 13. Schiffsstammabteilung in Sassnitz, Franke transferred to the 4. U-Flottille (Stettin) in July 1941 and would serve with U-Boot related units for the rest of the war, though probably never in a U-Boot crew role on the front. His later units include the U-Stützpunkt Libau and the 25. U-Flottille (Libau, later Gotenhafen) in 1943-'44, Flottenbegleiter F-5 and U-Boot-Tender "Uerdingen" in 1944.  
  • In the last months of the war, Franke was forwarded to Marine-Grenadier-Regiment 7, active in ground combat against the British. From the area of Itzehoe (Holstein), he moved with his unit to the area of the Aller river east of Bremen, saw action near places like Kirchlinteln, Barnstedt, Visselhövede, .... The last entry in the Soldbuch was made on April 4th, 1945; Franke was probably captured soon after.  
  • The Soldbuch has the first page loose but is a 100% complete, packed with entries and including the portrait photo inserted by the 25. U-Flottille.  

U-Boot Soldbuch, Endkampf 1945

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