• Soldbuch to Feldwebel Georg Brünnig. Zweitschrift issue from November 1943. Brünnig was at that point serving with Flieger-Regiment 51 in occupied Belgium. After the Allied invasion, he was forwarded to his first Fallschirmjäger unit, the Fallschirmjäger-Ersatz-Bataillon, and entered jump training in Wittstock in the Fallschirmschule II. He obtained his Fallschirmschützenschein in October 1944 (very rarely encountered in Soldbucher!), and then the Fallschirmschützen-Abzeichen (para badge) two months later on Christmas 1944. From the Fallschirmjäger-Ausbildungs-Regiment 2 in Wittstock, he was finally forwarded to his first active unit on 26th of March, 1945: Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 58, part of the newly formed 20. Fallschirmjäger-Division. Only a few days later, however, he was admitted to Kriegslazarett 6/686 in Utrecht, Holland, with serious glandular problems. He passed away in Utrecht on 8th of April 1945, and was buried on the local "Heldenfriedhof" that same day. He now rests in the German war cemetery of Ysselsteyn.  
  • Notice that Brünnig was a fully trained and badged paratrooper - unlike most of the other late war Fallschirmjäger recruits. The Soldbuch has many related entries, like the issue of a (FJ) Kappmesser, FJ uniform, typical payments like "Fallschirmschützenzulage", "Leistungszulage" and "Springerzulage", as well as the FJ badge and rare Fallschirmschützenschein entries.  
  • The Soldbuch is in complete and excellent condition. It comes with one extra, small but valuable document: a rare Ausweis by the Fallschirmschule II in Wittstock, assigning him to the Stammpersonal of the school and allowing him to leave the Fliegerhorst.  

Fallschirmjäger Soldbuch, died Holland 1945

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