Wehrpass and Soldbuch grouping to Hauptmann Walter Streuber. This merchant from Rathenow was a WWI veteran with also an interesting entry for serving with "Kompanie Westhavelland" of the Schwarze Reichswehr, disbanded after a failed coup in October 1923. Called up again in May 1940, he served as a Dolmetscher with the "Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres" for almost two years. As a translator, he put his school knowledge and professional experience in French and English to use in this Berlin based OKH command unit. After a month of infantry training, he was however sent to the front as officer candidate in April 1942 with Artillerie-Regiment 1 of the 1.ID fighting on the Wolchow river and Ladoga lake near Leningrad. Despite his high age, Streuber performed well: he earned the Spange zum EKII in December 1942 (following an earlier EK2 in World War 1) and was promoted up to Oberleutnant. After a year, he was taken away from the front again and joined Landesschützen-Regiment 22 in the area of Namur, occupied Belgium. He retreated from Belgium following the Allied advance from Normandy in September 1944, and ended the war as Hauptmann with the command of the III. Panzerkorps in the Alps.  

The grouping consists of:

  • Bullet struck Soldbuch, The 5 mm bullet penetrated the entire Soldbuch from the front cover. As no wounds are listed, Streuber may not have carried the Soldbuch when it was hit. In any case, the booklet is a nice first issue from May 1940, a 100% complete and with a great portrait photo showing his EKII Spange. Interesting entries include a private 6.35 mm pistol by the rare maker Langenhan, Dolmetscher related units, an Oberst's signature and the crossing of his wife following his divorce on page 5, replaced by his daughter as closest relative. 
  • Wehrpass, first issue from July 1937. Apart from the EKII Spange, other awards listed are the SA Sportabzeichen, the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer and the WW1 EK2. Excellent and complete condition. 
  • Portrait photo of the young Walter Streuber, second from left, during the retreat on the Marne river in France, August 1918. 
  • Two photos of Streuber with his unit in occupied Belgium, May 1944.

Officer bullet struck Soldbuch & Wehrpass, Dolmetscher

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