• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Otto Meissner. First issue from April 1942. After basic training, Meissner joined Jäger-Regiment 227 of the 100. Jäger-Division on its advance towards Stalingrad. During the bitter fighting for the city, Meissner was wounded by shrapnel in his left thigh. This must have happened on or shortly before 21st of November 1942 - the day he received pay by a Krankensammelstelle (entered on page 20). This dates his wound right in the heart of the Russian operation Uranus, closing the encirclement around the city. Meissner was lucky to be evacuated and found himself in a Heimat hospital by the end of the month - most of his comrades would meet a much darker fate in the coming months or as Russian POW.  
  • After a long time in reserve units, Meissner was found fit again in February 1944 and sent to the Italian front with Grenadier-Regiment 1060 of the newly formed 92. Infanterie-Division. He fought in the Alban Hills north of the Anzio invasion beaches. After a few months of fighting retreat, the 92.ID was used to refresh the 362. Infanterie-Division in the Siena area. Meissner would not join the fighting of the 362.ID on the Gothic Line, though: he was hospitalised early July 1944 in Kriegslazarett (mot.) 3/561, at that time based in Cortina, Italy, with digestive and genital complaints. He ended the war in reserve units and likely did not see action again, ending up as an American POW at the end of the war. Otto Meissner was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for his Stalingrad wound, and the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern by the 92.ID in Italy, 1944.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a very used condition with loose pages, but it is still a 100% complete, including the nice portrait photo with his Stalingrad BWB, and packed with entries.  

Stalingrad WIA Jäger Soldbuch, Italy 1944

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