• Soldbuch to Uffizier-Anwärter Friedhelm Bleidick. First issue from August 1942. After training with Flg.Rgt.42 and some Luftnachrichten units, Bleidick entered Bordfunker training in December 1943. This would lead to the awarding of the Fliegerschützenabzeichen mit Blitzbündel in 1944. In July of that year, he joined the 7. Staffel of Nachtjagdgeschwader 2. This night fighter unit was at that point stationed in Twente, Holland. The "fliegendes Personal" and "Bordfunker" entries on page 1 confirm he was indeed among the flying personnel. Mid August 1944, Bleidick moved to the 12. Staffel of Nachtjagdgeschwader 1, flying on Heinkel He 219 and based at Sint-Truiden (St. Trond) in Belgium. A few weeks after his arrival, 12./NJG1 began its retreat to the Heimat, arriving at Dortmund where it would stay from September 1944 until the dissolution of the IV. Gruppe in March 1945. A short time before, Bleidick had earned the EKII, on 22nd of February 1945, undoubtly for missions related to the "Reichsverteidigung" over the Heimat. During the final weeks of the war, Bleidick was treated for a gunshot wound in Hagenow, likely sustained at the Western front (still in the Dortmund area?), which kept him in hospital until mid November 1945.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a good and complete condition. It comes with four extra portraits of Bleidick. Any ID's to active flying night fighter personnel are rare to find!  

Nachtjagd Bordfunker Soldbuch NJG2 & NJG1

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