Extensive document grouping to Vizefeldwebel Albert Walter, who was a judicial inspector and the son of the mayor of his birth town Empfingen in Württemberg, Fighting on the Western Front with Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 186, he was taken POW by the British on the third day of the Somme offensive, 3rd of July 1916. Interestingly, he was held captive in the UK for some time, but then forwarded to neutral Holland in a prisoner exchange system, where equal amounts of German and Allied POW's were interned until the end of the war. Walter ended up in the Dutch commune of Velp, situated near Arnhem. He was liberated in November 1918, resumed his civilian life and was not called up again for service in WW2.  

The grouping consists of:

  • Militärpass, with mentioning of his capture, earlier battle entries in France, and the qualification for the awarding of the EKII.  
  • Ersatzreservepass, with entries in 1914-'15, also including battle entries in France.  
  • Soldbuch with WWI equipment entries, issue of French "Beutegeld" money, etc.  
  • Three "Feldpostkarte" postcards from his parents, sent back with the marking "vermisst" (MIA).  
  • Notification by the DRK that Walter was exchanged as a POW and arrived in Holland, May 1918.  
  • Rare Dutch "Identiteitskaart" (ID card) issued to Walter by the Dutch district of Dieren-Brummen, with stamped portrait photo and mentioning of his internment address with the Schoemaker family in Velp.  
  • Dutch "Bescheinigung" signed by the Dutch military district commander, confirming that Walter was an interned German POW, and that he was allowed to receive family visits.  
  • Military discharge document, November 1918.  
  • Cloth name tag, produced during his time in an officer candidate course in the Sennelager.  
  • Reisepass from 1923, with travels to Switzerland.  
  • Third Reich era Wehrpass, first issue from 1937, complete but with limited entries.  
  • Many more documents and photos from WWI until the late 1930's: newspaper clippings about promotions, photos, travel documents, mobilisation documents from the Wehrmeldeamt Wetzlar, and more.  

WWI Document grouping - Holland internment

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