Flugbuch grouping to Unteroffizier Gerhard Moll from Erfurt, who flew as a Bordfunker with a large variety of aircraft in long distance reconnaissance units of the Luftwaffe. In 1943, after schooling in Dievenow and Kauen (Lithuania), he joined the Fernaufklärungsgeschwader 101. After training on the Messerschmitt Me 410 "Hornisse" in Pulsnitz, he last served with Aufklärungsgruppe 122 and survived the war.  

The Flugbuch has many interesting aircraft types flown, including the Dornier Do 18 and B&V 138 flying boats, different bombers like Ju 86 and Do 17, the Messerschmitt Bf 110 as well as the Me 410 "Hornisse". Also included is training on the captured French Caudron C-445. Other noteable details include a crash landing in Stargard on 3rd of February 1945, original signatures of Staffelkapitäne, and some very late "Hornisse" flights, including a last one on 30th of April 1945 in Puttnitz. The Flugbuch has some minor damage on the first pages, else it is in good condition and complete, with a total of 72 flights from April 1943 to April 1945. The original book is of course uncensored and no copies have been spread.

Furthermore, the grouping includes the following:

  • Handwritten resumee of his military career on a notebook page. 
  • Luftwaffen-Bordfunkerschein, issued September 1943, complete with portrait photo. 
  • DLRG Leistungsschein, issued in Erfurt 1940, also including a portrait photo. 
  • DRL Sportabzeichen award booklet, complete including portrait photo and awarding of the DRL Sportabzeichen in Bronze in July 1941. 
  • POW Discharge document, July 1945.  
  • Kaufmannsgehilfenbrief and two more school papers.

Flugbuch grouping Fernaufklärer, Me 410 "Hornisse"

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