• Soldbuch to Sonderführer Herbert Voge. Very late Zweitschrift issued on April 30th, 1945, when the Battle for Berlin was already raging. Voge had previously served with the command of Stalag VIII-C in Sagan, now Zagan, Poland. He had followed a Panzerfaust course in December 1944... this may have come in handy during the Berlin fighting! His active unit was the Höherer Pionier-Führer z.b.V. 104. Detailed info on this small unit is very hard to find, but it was supposedly fighting in the Berlin city center. His reserve unit was the Festungspionierschule in Berlin-Karlshorst. In a matter of days after the issue of the Soldbuch, Voge must have been captured by the Russians. He died in Russian captivity in Charkow, in the Russian POW hospital 7415/3 on 25th of November, 1945. His body is missing since.   
  • Notice the rare light colored Soldbuch cover with very small eagle. The Soldbuch is in very good and complete condition. The portrait photo was clearly reused from his old Soldbuch, this explains the double stamps and staple holes. It is a 100% original to this Zweitschrift Soldbuch. Notice the narrow shoulder boards in combination with NCO collar tabs... a correct combination for a Sonderführer. The Soldbuch comes with his half dogtag, which must have been sent home to his parents from the Russian POW camp together with the Soldbuch.  

Battle of Berlin Soldbuch, died as POW, with dogtag

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