• Death card to SS-Rottenf├╝hrer Sebastian Maurer, who served with the Flak-Batterie of the SS-Kampfgruppe "Das Reich" when he was killed on 22nd of March 1942 in Russia.  
  • Notice that early 1942, the majority of the Das Reich division was retreated from the Eastern Front for refitting in France. Maurer was part of the smaller Kampfgruppe led by Werner Ostendorff that remained in the East until June 1942.  
  • Original card in good condition, with some light cracks. Notice the "Deutschland" shoulder boards on the excellent portrait photo.  
  • The archive cards from the WASt shown here provide more info on his unit, his death and burial, and are displayed just for reference.  

SS Das Reich death card - Russia 1942

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