Head mechanic Hans Woll from Bad Kreuznach joined the Wehrmacht in 1939. He was trained as a PaK soldier and served in Infanterie-Regiment 483, part of the 263. Infanterie-Division. This unit fought on the Western Front (Luxemburg, Belgium, France) in 1940, but Woll earned both his combat awards during the first year on the central sector of the Eastern front: the EKII and the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. Late 1942 his front service was over and he took up his civilian occupation of mechanic with transport units of the Wehrmacht. He survived the war and died in Bad Kreuznach in 1988.  

The grouping consists of:
  • Soldbuch, cover is loose but it's a 100% complete first issue booklet with nice portrait photo and good entries including MP40 and Walther PPK. 
  • EK2 award document, September 1941, hand signed by Generalleutnant Ernst Haeckel, commander of the 263.ID and a DKiG winner. 
  • Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen award document, March 1942, signed by Major Hans Gerle, also a DKiG winner (March 1945 with G.R.958). 
  • Wartime studio portrait with biographical details (death in 1988). 
  • Death card of a KIA friend, including correspondence with his widow. 
  • Document about his crucial position in the Wirtschafts-Strassen-Transport-Dienst, with repairs on the reverse.

263.ID Feldwebel Soldbuch and citations

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