• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Becker. First issue from June 1940. In his twenties, Becker was a maried father of one child, working in the metal industry in Beckum, Westphalia. He was trained as an artillery soldier in 1940 and then joined various units in occupied Norway: Art.Rgt.233 of the 196.ID, Art.Rgt.274 subordinated to the AOK Norwegen in 1943, then Art.Rgt.295 of the 295.ID in the Molde area. Early 1944, he moved to the Artillerie-Abteilung of the Schatten-Division Wahn. These "shadow divisions" were used to reinforce other divisions; in this case the 331. Infanterie-Division in March 1944. With Art.Rgt.331 of the 331.ID, Becker moved to occupied France. Arriving there only weeks before D-Day, the division quickly saw action on the Normandy front: it was engaged in the area between Saint-Lo and Vire, then retreated eastward through Falaise to Rouen.  
  • Becker made it back to the Heimat in one piece and was now added to Artillerie-Regiment 361 of the 361. Volksgrenadier-Division. The 361.VGD was sent to fight in the Arnhem sector in Holland, and Becker appears to have been lightly wounded on September 15th, two days before the Market Garden landings. A wound in his left leg was reported on page 12-13 of the Soldbuch, but he could remain with his unit and went on to win the EKII in November 1944, also tied to a promotion to Unteroffizier. By this time, the 361.VGD has been moved south from Holland and fought in the Saarburg area. Becker's last unit was Art.Rgt.1559 of the 559.VGD; this was a neighbouring division of the 331.ID, also fighting in the Saarpfalz. It later fought on the river Rhein and ended the war surrendering to the Western Allies.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a very good and complete condition.  

Soldbuch 331.ID Normandy, 361.VGD Holland

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