Small document grouping to Helene Romel, a woman of Polish nationality who was born in Datteln and stayed in Germany during and after the war. The grouping consists of:

  • Arbeitsbuch für Ausländer, with portrait photo and entries for working on farms. Excellent condition.   
  • Uncommon "Arbeitskarte für ausländische Arbeitskräfte", issued in 1943, with portrait photo. Has some cracks and tears.  
  • Wartime registration document for her residence, in German and Polish, nice stamp by the "Einwohner-Erfassung" subordinated to the SS.  
  • Birth and death certificates; she remained in Buchbach (Bavaria) after the war and passed away alone in 1988 (notice the exact day of death could not be determined!).  

Polish woman foreign worker grouping

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