Intriguing Soldbuch grouping to Unteroffizier Karl-Heinrich Steinmeyer. According to the previous owner, these documents were found in a "Zerlegebetrieb" (airplane scrapyard) in Holland. This might explain the burn damage, though it could also be that they were burned in another way at the end of the war.  

Steinmeyer (also noted as Steinmeier) served with a number of Luftwaffe flying units and schools, including the Nachtjagdgeschwader 6 and a half year stay with Flugzeugführerschule B37 in 1944. Though he had a technical background, he did follow Bordschützenschule in 1943 and was subsequently awarded the Fliegerschützen-Abzeichen ohne Blitzbündel. By late March 1945, Steinmeyr was with the 9. Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 1. At the end of that month, he was at the Gardelegen airfield, where several last entries in the Soldbuch were made. These include stamps of Fallschirmjäger staff units which were also located there, and a return of a 'Winterkopfhaube' (flying personnel headgear) on March 30th. A list of equipment on the day after is the last dated entry in the Soldbuch. The final fate of Steinmeyer remains unclear, though he is not listed as KIA. Worthy of further research!  

The grouping consists of:

  • Soldbuch, first issue from August 1941, with some loose pages but 100% complete.  
  • NSFK Ausweis with portrait photo, October 1942.  
  • NSFK Flugbuch, with portrait photo and 75 flights entered between 1939 and 1942.  
  • NSFK Bescheinigung for the Gleitfliegerprüfung A, October 1939.  
  • Postcard sized portrait photo of Steinmeyer with a Luftwaffe Feldwebel, presumably his father.  

Bordschütze Soldbuch grouping - NJG6, JG1, NSFK

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