Document grouping to Willy Gattig, who worked with the Reichsbank from the early 1920's until the end of the Second World War.  

  • Promotion document to Reichsbankinspektor, April 1923.  
  • Promotion document to Reichsbankoberinspektor, August 1933.  
  • Promotion document to Amtsrat bei der Reichsbank, January 1941.  
  • About 25 extra documents, mostly regarding his payments and promotions.  
  • Very interesting letter smuggled out of Landsberg prison in July 1945. This prison is best known as the place where Adolf Hitler was kept in 1924, but it also housed German war criminals after the war. It was his sixth attempt to inform his family, and the only succesful one as it was taken out of prison by a comrade who was released. He writes about fears that he will not be released, but sent to Poland or Russia instead.  

The documents are in varying condition, as can be seen from the scans. Worthy of further research!

Reichsbank document grouping, Landsberg prison

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