• List of Nahkampftage (close combat days) and Sturmtage (assault days) obtained by a soldier of Grenadier-Regiment 159, part of the 69. Infanterie-Division, all for fighting in northern Russia and Lithuania, all between February 1944 and August 1944. In this short time frame of half a year, fifteen Nahkampftage were granted, enough for the awarding of the Nahkampfspange in Bronze. The three Sturmtage mentioned on the back sufficed for the awarding of the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. Signatures include Hauptmann Dittmann, Bataillonskommandeur of I./Gren.Rgt.159.  
  • Also included are the same soldier's weapons and equipment Soldbuch pages, which have interesting entries for several pistols (7.65 mm, 6.35 mm Belgian FN) and a private watch.  

Nahkampftage and Sturmtage lists 69.ID

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