Wehrpass grouping to SS-Oberleutnant Wilhelm Marré, an early member of the "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" who was later killed as an SS-Polizei officer on the Eastern Front. 

Marré had joined the Leibstandarte in October 1934, and swoar his oath in front of Heinrich Himmler in a ceremony at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, at midnight on 9th of November 1934. He remained with the LSSAH until 1938, then took a Zugführer course in Dachau in February-April 1939, part of an officer training by the SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig. After obtaining his officer promotion to SS-Untersturmführer in April 1939, he transferred to the Ordnungspolizei in Berlin. 

Called up by the military again from his civilian police occupation in November 1941, Marré entered SS-Polizei-Schützen-Regiment 2 of the SS-Polizei-Division in November 1941 as an SS-Oberleutnant. He was part of a large refreshing operation, as the division had already suffered heavy losses fighting near Leningrad. Marré quickly saw his share of action as well, and he was awarded the EKII in March 1942, also collecting enough assault days for the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. On 24th of April 1942, though, he was badly wounded by shrapnel in his back. One month later, on 29th of May 1942, he succumbed to this wound in the Reservelazarett at Insterburg, Eastern Prussia. Marré was awarded a posthumous EKI. His body was transported back tho his birth place of Annen, near Witten on the Ruhr river. 

This superb SS officer's grouping consists of: 

  • Wehrpass, first issue from April 1939 in excellent and complete condition. The last promotion, KIA, and award entries were all hand signed by SS-Oberst Fritz Freitag, later SS-Brigadeführer and Knight's Cross winner. 
  • SS-Führerschein issued by the Leibstandarte in January 1937, with excellent photo in uniform. 
  • Führerschein issued in Witten, July 1934, also with portrait photo. 
  • NSDAP Quittungskarte by the SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig, June 1938. 
  • Kleiderkasse-SS Mitgliedsausweis, March 1939, mentioning his SS-Mitgliedsnummer 82.254. 
  • Durchlassschein, October 1941, allowing him to cross the German-Dutch border after being called up by the SS-Polizei. 
  • Gratitude card for condoleance sent out by his family after his death, July 1942. 
  • Scans of the WASt archive cards provide more info on his burial and are shown just for reference.  

Wehrpass grouping SS Officer, EK1, Leibstandarte, Polizei KIA

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