Document and photo grouping to Hauptwachtmeister Gerhard Paetzelt. A professional soldier since July 1932, Paetzelt mostly served with Flak-Regiment 12 and Flak-Regiment 32 before the war. During the war, he served with several searchlight batteries: these include the Flakscheinwerfer-Abteilung 128 in Berlin, the Flakscheinwerfer-Abteilung 259 in occupied Belgium, Flakscheinwerfer-Abteilung 584 in the Rostock / Lübeck area, and Flakscheinwerfer-Abteilung 238 in Bremen, defending these areas from Allied bombers, often under enemy fire. He served mostly as Hauptwachtmeister, also known as "Der Spiess". For his twelve years of service, Paetzelt was awarded the Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938, the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern, the DRL Sportabzeichen, the Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse, and a "Bestleistungsabzeichen 1936/37", which was probably a shooting award. 

The grouping consists of:

  • Wehrpass, first issue from July 1937. Complete and in very good condition, with nice uniform portrait photo. Notice the interesting "Panzernah-Bekämpfungs-Lehrgang in Oxten" mentioned on page 21; this late in the war, it must have been a Panzerschreck / Panzerfaust course. 
  • DRL Sportabzeichen in Bronze award booklet, complete with uniform photo. 
  • Wehrmacht-Führerschein for all three driving classes with Flak.Rgt.32 in Berlin, 1938, also with uniform photo. 
  • Civilian Führerschein, Berlin 1950, nice to compare his portrait as a veteran with the wartime photos. 
  • Arbeitsbuch, Berlin 1927. 
  • A total of 28 military photos, including more portraits, life with the Batterie, officers, occupation in Belgium, etcetera. Paetzelt can be clearly recognised in most of these photos, wearing the distinctive dual bands of Der Spiess.

Wehrpass grouping Flak Spiess

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