Small document grouping to Unteroffizier Wilhelm "Willi" Spitzley, who was killed as Bordfunker with Fernaufklärungsgeschwader 101 in a crash in Barby, on the Elbe river south of Magdeburg, on May 28th, 1944. His body was returned to his home town Andernach (Rhein), where it still rests today in the communal cemetery. The grouping consists of:

  • Large death notice, sent to his brother Peter Spitzley, with damage on one side. 
  • Four Feldpost letters written by Willi to his brother Peter, all sent from the home base of II./F.A.G.101, Fliegerhorst Perleberg. These include his very last letter home, sent only three days before his fatal crash. 
  • Four POW letters "Kriegsgefangenenpost", sent to brother Peter Spitzley mostly from his father to POW Camp Fort Bragg, all with content

The WASt archive card shown here just for reference provides more info on the location of his crash and burial.

KIA Fernaufklärer pilot - Last letter & death notice

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