Wehrpass to SS-Schütze Otto Frank. First issue from June 1941. This 18 year old driver was called up for service with the Waffen-SS in June 1941. He continued his civilian occupation in the SS, and after a quick one week training with the SS-Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung in Berlin-Lichterfelde, he was forwarded to the "Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS im SS-Führungshauptamt", where he served with a Kraftwagen-Kolonne of the Nachschubführer. The "Kommandostab Reichsführer SS" was the staff unit coordinating anti-partisan operations in the East, and also overlooking the notorious SS-Einsatzgruppen, formed specifically for mass killings of Jews and other target groups.  

Driving for this Reichsführer-SS command unit on the Eastern Front, he was deployed in 1941 on the northern sector near Leningrad according to the official battle list on page 32. By the end of that year, the Kommandostab had killed at least 85.000 people through its mobile killing units. In 1942, its focus would shift more to the areas behind the central part of the Eastern Front. On 11th of October 1942, Otto Frank was killed by a bullet in the head in the area of Borrisow, Belarus. Notice Borissov was nowhere near the front lines until mid 1944, so it is quite clear that Frank was killed by partisans, and his cause of death suggests an ambush or possibly even an execution. 

This rare war crimes related SS Wehrpass is in excellent and complete condition. It comes with two postcard sized photos of his burial ceremony. The WASt cards are shown just for reference.

Reichsführer-SS Partisan KIA Wehrpass, Einsatzgruppen

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