Small Wehrpass grouping to Unteroffizier Peter Blattner. First issue from 1938. Born in Mainz in 1938, Blattner volunteered for the Luftwaffe in 1938. As he had worked three years with a radio and optical shop in Mainz, his experience was put to use in Luftnachrichten units, where he managed the technical equipment. With Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 7, he supported the 18. Armee in the invasion of Holland, Belgium and France. With the Ln.Betr.Komp. of the Nahaufklärungs-Gruppe 3, he also served on the Eastern Front in 1941-'42 and in the Heimat in 1943, until he was released from service in October 1943. He maried his wife Renate in 1944, moved to Zittau and survived the war. For his five years of service, Blattner was awarded the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse and the Ostmedaille.  

Added to the Wehrpass are his "Annahmeschein" volunteering for the Luftwaffe in 1938, his Kaufmannsgehilfenbrief from 1937, and a postwar Meisterprüfungszeugnis as radio and television technician from 1957.

Luftnachrichten Wehrpass - Holland, France, Russia

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