Small grouping to Louis "Ludwig" Bange from Köln, who worked from 1927 on for the I.G. Farben factory in Dormagen, located between Düsseldorf and Leverkusen on the Rhine. Already 54 years old when the war broke out, he maintained this position during WW2 and was not called up by the military. The IG Farben factories are of course best known for their involvement in the production of the Zyklon B used in the gas chambers, also employing concentration camp prisoners. Though the Dormagen plant where Bange worked as a cassier was located in western Germany, it also employed forced laborers.

The group consists of:

  • Wehrpass, first issue from May 1944, complete and in excellent condition. 
  • Arbeitsbuch with I.G. Farben entries, first issue from August 1938, complete and in excellent condition. 
  • Early postwar "Personalausweis" from the British occupation zone.

Wehrpass and Arbeitsbuch to IG Farben worker

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