Small Wehrpass grouping to Sanitäts-Oberfeldwebel Fritz Biermann. Serving as a senior medic in different Luftwaffe units, he was deployed for five years protecting airfields and other facilities in the Reich. These included Münster, Köln-Ostheim and Essen. Notice the large amounts of enemy fire (Allied bombers) mentioned on page 32: in total almost 500 days. Apart from his medical training, Biermann also received ski training in Braunlage (Harz mountains), and an NCO course in Essen.  

The group consists of his first issue Wehrpass in good and complete condition except for the removed portrait photo, his nice military Sanitäter Ausweis from February 1945, a Legimitationskarte from 1946 providing a portrait photo (notice a version with swastika was still used!), and a 1946 questionaire with lots of info on his wartime and prewar life.  

Luftwaffe medic Wehrpass grouping

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