Wehrpass and Soldbuch grouping to Stabsgefreiter Paul Böhm. Called up in August 1939, Böhm served the entire war with a few construction units, notably the Festungs-Bau-Kompanie 1/61 with whom he invaded France in 1940, and the Gesteinbohrkompanies 61 and 15, serving as occupation troops in Norway. Following the general surrender in May 1945, he cleared mines in the Tromsö area as a POW for two months, as can be seen in the Wehrpass entry on page 26. Böhm was awarded the KVKII mit Schwertern while in Norway, 1944, and was released from captivity in 1948.  

The grouping consists of:

  • Wehrpass, first issue from October 1938, in very good and complete condition. 
  • Soldbuch, Zweitschrift issue from April 1945, in very good and complete condition, issued without portrait photo. 
  • POW Discharge document, August 1948. 
  • Financial document on his POW time, July 1956. 
  • Eight private photos that also came with the grouping.

Soldbuch & Wehrpass grouping, Norway

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