Wehrpass to Gefreiter Hans Brahms. Zweitschrift issue from August 1944. This mechanic from Kaiserslautern had lost his father on the battlefields of WWI. Serving with Luftwaffe radio units from June 1939, Brahms was trained as a "D.M.-Mechaniker", working as a mechanic on the Funkmessger√§t radars. His units included the Luftnachrichten-Regiment 120, with whom he served first on the Eastern Front, and then in occupied Greece. Here, he was awarded the KVKII mit Schwertern, but shortly after treated in June 1942 in hospital in Athens for "Nervenschw√§che", psychological issues refered to in English as neurasthenia. This, combined perhaps with his older age, led to his military discharge in June 1943.  

Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition.

Radar mechanic Wehrpass, Greece, mental problems

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