Very large Feldpost and document grouping to Obergefreiter Otto Henrich, who was killed fighting with the 13. (Infanteriegeschütz) Kompanie of Jäger-Regiment 721, part of the 114. Jäger-Division on 6th of February 1944 in Le Castella, just north of Cisterna di Latina, on the Anzio / Nettuno bridgehead in Italy. He was initially buried in Veletri, and now rests in the Volksbund cemetery of Pomezia, Block J, Grab 298.  

In total, you can expect over 230 letters, documents and photos. These include:

  • Portrait and grave photos. 
  • Several letters by the officers of his unit following his death. These include the original KIA letter sent by his Kompanieführer to the widow plus a typed wartime copy, the letter that accompanied his returned personal belongings, and letters with more information on the circumstances of his death and burial. 
  • Death certificate, newspaper clipping with death announcement, and thank you card for condoleance. 
  • Several letters of condoleance sent to the widow, including DAF and SA functionaries, and two handsigned letters by NSDAP Kreisleiter Richard Imbt, mayor of Kaiserslautern. 
  • Several documents to Henrich including his military callup papers and medical examination, and a leave permit for Gumbinnen, 1943. 
  • Over 200 Feldpost letters, nearly all complete (envelope+content), going from occupation time in France, to his reserve unit in Gumbinnen (Ostpreussen), time spent in Reservelazarett Hanau, on to his time with the 114. Jäger-Division in Croatia and his last weeks in Italy. Surely there will be many more details to be discovered on close examination of these letters.

Italy KIA Jäger grouping

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