Wehrpass to Kapit√§nleutnant Rudolf Zscheile. First issue from April 1937. During the First World War, Zscheile was already promoted up to the officer rank of Leutnant, serving with the Marineartillerie of the Kaiserliche Marine. He was awarded the EKII in June 1918. Called up again by the Kriegsmarine in April 1942, he was quickly promoted to Oberleutnant in August 1942 and then to Kapit√§nleutnant one year later.  

While serving with Marine-Artillerie-Abteilung 122 on Helgoland in his first year, Zscheile first assumed command of a full Batterie with Marine-Artillerie-Abteilung 202 in June 1943. He was located on the island of Walcheren, Holland, where the different Batteries of M.A.A.202 were spread out on the entire western coast (Vlissingen, Westkapelle, Domburg, ...), with a single Batterie also positioned on the opposite shore in Breskens.  

Late January 1944, Zscheile left his command in Holland and was released from the Wehrmacht later that year. The Wehrpass is in very good and complete condition, and comes with his Entlassungsschein.

M.A.A.202 Batteriechef Wehrpass, Walcheren Holland

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