Extensive document grouping to Uffizier Max Antoni, who earned six awards with the 9th Panzer-Division from the beginning of the war until he was wounded by a land mine in 1943.  

The central piece of the grouping is Antoni's Soldbuch, which was opened in November 1939. He served in what would become the divisional recon unit of the 9. Panzer-Division: the Aufklärungsregiment 9, and stayed with this unit for the rest of his active military career, also when it was renamed into Aufklärungs-Abteilung 9 and later to Kradschützen-Bataillon 59. Antoni participated in the annexation of Sudetenland in 1938 (for which he received the Erinnerungsmedaille mit Spange) and of Bohemia in 1939, then saw action with his regiment in Poland 1939. For the campaign in Holland, Belgium and France in 1940, he received the EK2. In the East, he followed the path of the 9. Panzer-Division, first on the Balkan in spring 1941, then on the Eastern Front in the southern and central sectors: Kiew, Dnjepr, Kursk, Woronesh, Orel, Rshew, ... For the Eastern campaign, he was awarded the bronze PAB in 1941, the Ostmedaille and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz in 1942, and finally the EKI on 8th of February 1943 for killing 5 Russians during the hard fighting near the Orel river front in February 1943. One day after he was awarded the EKI, Antoni was heavily wounded by a land mine explosion in both his legs and his right arm. He was subsequently released from service as an Unteroffizier.  

The Soldbuch is in a good condition, with some pages loose but a 100% complete. Nice equipment entries suggesting he was deployed as a Kradschütze (Kradpull, wattierte Bluse - Hose - Mäntel - Handschuhe), and all his six awards neatly entered on two pages. There never was a photo inserted as he was released in 1943. Also included are:

  • Wehrmacht-Führerschein for motorcycles from 1941, with nice military portrait showing his May 1940 EK2, and the Sudetenmedaille with Prague bar. 
  • Wehrstammbuch, which is an (even more detailed, 49 pages) equivalent to the Wehrpass, with lists of battles/campaigns, training, dated unit entries, confirmation of his 6 awards, etcetera. 
  • Gesundheitsbuch with medical details, complete with 28 pages. 
  • Excellent description of the circumstances for which he got the EKI. During the defense against a Russian attack in the Rhombuswald on February 3rd, 1943, he killed five Russians by hand grenade and MP40. Rare to know this kind of detail! 
  • Signed confirmation of 3 Sturmtage in 1941 as a replacing Gruppenführer, for which he received the bronze PAB. 
  • Signed confirmation of 3 Nahkampftage in 1942 and 1943. 
  • Two documents with details about his 1943 mine wound: 'Ärztliche Benachrichtigung' and 'Gesundheitsblatt'. 
  • Two summaries of his military service, including an 'Auszug aus der Stammrolle' from 1943. 
  • Six more documents, including a Wehrüberwachung from 1940, Beurteilung from 1943, Marschbefehl from 1943, unused Feldpost card from 1942.  

Soldbuch grouping 9.PD Panzeraufklärer with 6 awards

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