Document grouping to Obergefreiter Heinrich Uffeln from Wuppertal, a Panzer musician who last served with Panzer-Regiment 23 of the 23. Panzer-Division when he got missing in the area of Kriwoj Rog, February 1944. The included DRK papers assume that he went into Russian captivity, but then disappeared. The Reichsmusikkammer Ausweis confirms he was a entertainment musician and violinist. His Organisation Todt Dienstbuch shows he worked for a construction company in Niederlahnstein on the Westwall in 1939-'40. He then volunteered for the Wehrmacht in January 1941, served for a long time as a musician with Pz.Rgt.23, until his wife and newborn son never heared from him again. The grouping consists of: 

  • Organisation Todt Dienstbuch, in very good and complete condition with portrait photo, Westwall assignment and other entries including promotions up to DienstgruppenfĂĽhrer. 
  • Discharge document for Westwall laborers, November 1940. 
  • Reichsmusikkammer Vorläufiger Ausweis, April 1939, with portrait photo and stamps for 1939-'41. 
  • Several wartime and postwar documents about his service and his MIA status, includes letters by the DRK and the Bundesarchiv, only partly shown here. 
  • About 15 Feldpost letters, mostly envelope+content, Fp.Nr. 36722 (Pz.Rgt.23), these include his last letters from February 1944. 
  • Letter sent to the widow by his Feldwebel, informing her about the circumstances of his possible capture on February 22nd, 1944.  

Notice the additional portrait from the DRK Vermisstenbildliste, shown here for reference only.  

MIA Panzer musician grouping, 23.PD, with OT Dienstbuch

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