Wehrpass to Unteroffizier Armin Branneshuber. First issue from July 1938. Armin was born in Poland as the son of a German father, who already passed away in 1927, and a Finnish mother (born Anna Penttilä). Shortly after completing his RAD service in 1939, Branneshuber was called up by a Bau-Bataillon, then joined Infanterie-Regiment 479 of the 258. Infanterie-Division in February 1940. With this unit, he would se action in the French campaign (eastern France: Maginot line, Saar, Vosges), and then from June 1941 on the central sector of the Eastern Front. On 23rd of October 1941, Branneshuber was badly wounded by shrapnel at the gates of Moscow; he survived his wound but spent 15 months in hospital before being released. For his combat on the Eastern Front, he was awarded the EKII, the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber, and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.  

The Wehrpass is in very good and complete condition. It comes with a number of digital family memories (portrait photos, death notices of his parents, ...) compiled by Finnish family members. A few examples are shown here; all can be emailed to the buyer.  

258.ID Wehrpass, half Finnish

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